The start of a new era – Pre-season 2008/2009 [V]

We all want it to go right for City this year. We are all sick of each season being a lower finish than the last and we all want to start having something to say in arguments with work mates when we talk about our football club. It is been a long time since being a City fan has been about anything apart from grinning and bearing it.

But all this can change this year. That is why this year is important and that is why we are all excited about it. This is is not just a chance for promotion it is a chance to see this club start a recovery. No one not us fans, not Stuart McCall, not Mark Lawn, not Julian Rhodes sees this season as a chance to get into League One.

We all see it as a chance to take the first step back to the Championship at least and lets be honest about this. We see this as the first step on the path back to the Premiership.

Because that is what Geoffrey Richmond has left us now his debts are gone. The belief that this club can be a top flight club. That if we do things right then we can mix it with the big boys. I’m not saying that on Saturday we start a four year rise to the top but what I am saying is that come three o’clock at Valley Parade City look forward to stepping in the right direction again.

We look forward to starting winning more home games than we lose and towards the end of last season we started to do that.

We look forward to finishing higher in the league than we did the year before. We were tenth last season and for the first time in eight years we are expecting to be higher. Nine places higher to be honest.

We are looking forward to deciding which of our players comes and goes rather than having other teams make that call and having to take whatever offer we get. We can look forward to that as the club gets successful in League Two and then up League One.
We are looking forward to having a buzz around the ground and the City about the club again. New skipper Graeme Lee has said about City

“I believe this club in the next few years will start claiming the leagues, starting this year.”

We are looking forward to ending the arguments that fans have with fans on message boards and replacing them with debates about how wonderful everything is.

Yeah, perhaps not.

We are looking forward to looking forward to a League One charge in 2009/2010 and having real belief that that can happen. We look forward to adding quality on top of quality in the squad and seeing the team play with McCall’s spirit and then add McCall’s skills.

We are looking forward to looking forward to Saturday again.

We are looking forward to the future of Bradford City. A couple of times on the way down it looked like didn’t have one.

And finally and most importantly we are looking forward to all being able to cheer with the same voice to get behind a team that has the same hunger we do for success.

So to get this big future we give the boys that can our full throated support.

See you Saturday.

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