(Yet another) new set of kits for City

Bradford City has today released images of the new home and away kit for the upcoming season, and while they are bound to be talked about by many I’m personally questioning why. It’s only a year ago since they last released new home and away kits, and that came only a year after releasing another. Without ever drawing much attention to the matter, it appears to have become club policy to bring out new home and away kits every season.

It would be grossly unfair to accuse the club of ripping off us supporters; we continue to enjoy paying less for season tickets than pretty much every other English professional club and long may that continue. Yet it’s hard to believe the reason for changing kits so often is for anything more than to make a few extra quid. A decade ago changing a kit every two seasons used to attract howls of derision in the media, now it’s seemingly accepted that clubs can do it as often as they like. The one saving grace being the prices have barely increased.

But why does it need to be this way at City? Why can’t the two types of kit last for two seasons, but refresh each one alternative summers? New home kit this season, new away kit the one after. That would still allow those who like to purchase the latest strip with the chance to splash the cash each year, perhaps ultimately spending even more by buying each one instead of choosing between the particular summer’s home and away kit.

Perhaps I’m in no position to moan, the last time I bought a City home shirt was that not-so-wonderful centenary year. But maybe more people like me would be willing to part with our hard-earned and buy the new shirt if it was guaranteed not to be out of date less than 12 months later.

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