BfB contributor develops madness!

Those who regularly visit BfB will know of the scribblings of Paul Firth. Not all visitors may know that Paul, as well as being a life-long Bradford City fan, is a retired judge. However, like all judges (or is it like all City fans?), it turns out he is slightly crazy.

He must be ancient to be a retired judge. That goes without saying. So, at his advanced age, madness has taken the form of entering a 10k run. He tells me he has never run that far in his life, has not run with others since he was a schoolboy and doesn’t even know his way round Salford, where this run is to take place on Sunday 27th September.

He has, however, been doing a spot of training around the streets where he lives and, while still not quite getting to 10k, has reached the dizzy lengths of 8 and a bit k in 52 minutes. If he can keep this pace up for a bit longer, he calculates that it will be touch and go whether a 10k run can be completed in an hour.

He is, it probably goes without saying, looking for a spot of sponsorship for his run. It is probably equally predictable that Paul wants to raise a few quid for the Burns Research Unit, especially since sales of his book, ‘Four Minutes to Hell’, have already realised over £2000 for the Unit. (Copies are still available from Paul himself.)

Paul needs an incentive both to complete the 10k and to do so in no more than an hour, which may not seem to be a great target, but at his age….

With that in mind, he expects nothing if he fails to complete the course. He would, however, ask for donations small and large in the event that he completes 10k in an hour or less. He will, apparently, be wearing a ‘timing chip’ provided by the race organisers, so all rests on that piece of technology. If he completes the course, but takes more than an hour to do so, he will only ask for half of any promised sponsorship.

So there you have it. Can you help the Burn Research Unit via the idiocy of someone who ought to know better? If so, please make your offer by going to Donations made through that route also provide an extra bit of money for the Burns Unit via the tax man. If you don’t want to use that route, BfB may provide alternatives.

The results of Paul’s efforts will be reported as soon as he recovers, with perhaps a paragraph or two on BfB. Paul has asked me in advance to thank all who feel able to support the cause in any way.

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