Lawn: We did not push Jackson out

In what is no doubt side one of the story of why Peter Jackson has left Bradford City Mark Lawn empathetically denied that the board had forced their manager to leave the club.

Speaking to the Telegraph and Argus Lawn said:

I think stunned would be the response by the board. It wasn’t the case (that we were pushing him out). We were talking about expanding budgets to bring in experienced players and to try and attract them but sometimes you can’t control circumstances. When someone resigns, you can’t control that – Mark Lawn

Lawn continued to confirm that City had people they wanted to talk to about the manager’s job and that they were not looking for more applications.

Lawn’s comments do little to enlighten supporters as to why Jackson has left the club and – perhaps more importantly – why the club having had Jackson’s resignation were so quick to agree to it that the news was reported before the meeting in question had finished.

Had there been a will to have Jackson stay then one might have expected Jackson to be asked to consider his position over the weekend or have a final game as Peter Taylor had done.

Lawn thanked Jackson for his time at the club suggesting that City were going out of the league until his appointment which – while sounding like a description of positive action by both manager and chairmen – is not backed up looking at Jackson’s record which was poorer than his predecessor.

Perhaps that record of four wins in eighteen games is what saw Jackson’s resignation accepted. One awaits Jackson’s side of the story but if yesterday’s board meeting did result in brinksmanship then Jackson would have done well to do so from a stronger position.

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