Davies guilty of “serious foul play”

Phil Parkinson will not be appealing the red card for Andrew Davies after the club was informed that the player would miss three games being guilty of serious foul play.

One might have wondered if Davies’ sending off was a yellow card for the tackle modified by denying a goal scoring opportunity but this is not the case.

Referee Carl Boyeson sets a precedent with his decision that any tackle which involves two feet, even one without aggression or forward movement, is serious foul play even if it wins the ball and makes no contact with the man.

All of which is perfectly acceptable, I’ve no desire to see two footed tackles in the game, but only if it is applied consistently and that all offenses that could be serious foul play that turn out well also be punished.

Which begs the question as to why Boyeson watched Mark Stewart be slapped by an swung arm behind a defender, and Kyel Reid was roughed up by a Torquay player and given a yellow card for his troubles.

Referees who stick to the rules are only of value if they apply those rules evenhandedly. Failing to do that, as Boyeson did on Saturday, is just poor officiating.

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