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Issue #133 Michael Wood on Burton / Bolton

As Bradford City supporters are warmed by the words of Edin Rahic it is worth considering how little protection the Football League offers clubs and communities from new owners.

Issue #78 Michael Wood on Parkinson’s success is seen in the shifting of the Overton Window when Bradford City beat Doncaster Rovers 3-0
Doncaster Rovers 0 Bradford City 3 At The Keepmoat Stadium in League One, 2014/2015

The great success of Bradford City manager Phil Parkinson comes not only in how he managed to tip this game in his favour at half time following an even first half but how he has changed the club from being happy to play in the bottom half of League Two to judging itself against if it can be promoted to the Championship without any sudden increase in resources.

Liverpool bow to pressure, not reality
Blackpool undermine the technology debate
Blackpool near the right way of doing the Premier League
How far away is the Blackpool Tower?

In which Michael recalls the night at Blackpool and the managers involved.

The worst punishment
Bradford City 0 Port Vale 1 At Valley Parade in League Two, 2008/09

In which Jason watches yet another visiting League Two side defend in numbers and attempt to time-waste their way to at least a point, unexpectedly taking away more.

View from the dugout
Bradford City 1 Chester City 0 At Valley Parade in FA Cup First Round, 2007/2008

In which Jason wonders if it is finally the time for City to go on that fabled good cup run following a 1-0 win over Chester City.

Given The Choice Of Two Evils
Bradford City 1 Blackpool 3 At Valley Parade in League One, 2006/2007

In which Michael believes that after watching City lose to Blackpool we had either a Referee who was bad or bent but not neither.