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Issue #82 Michael Wood on Buying Bradford City and worrying

Gianni Paladini's agreement to put in an offer for Bradford City expires soon. The club's fans are worried that should the Italian complete a deal then The Bantams will be be damaged by an incoming boardroom which acts against the best interests of the community. These worries though are framed in a way which suggests that the current board do not behave in a way which is against the best interests of the community which may not accurate. The recent history of the club suggest that Bradford City community should always be concerned by what the owners of the clubs do and how it is in their best interest, and not the club's.

Hopes and expectations

In which Luke remembers the most expensive day of his Dad's life when City were promoted at Wolves in '99 and hopes for something equally unexpected this year.

Even the Big Issue man had a go at us!

In which Paul talks about the trip to Exeter and the worries over the season when even the homeless are having a go.

In McCall I trust

In which Richard disagrees with the gaffer but puts his trust in him after a 1-0 defeat at Exeter City.

It is not plain which plan is being followed
Exeter City 1 Bradford City - At St James' Park in League Two, 2008/2009

In which Paul wonders where the plan has gone as City play an unedifying and rarely entertaining 1-0 defeat to Exeter City.

The long leap of faith to Exeter for Bradford City

In which Roland talks about the trip to Exeter made by City, and once, by Michael Jackson.

Only the usual conclusion can be made

In which Michael credits Stuart McCall with some tactical nouse and worries about losing his voice.

Flying colours
Bradford City 4 Exeter City 1 At Valley Parade in League Two, 2008/2009

In which Jason sees City moving up the gears as they ascend to the top of League Two.

Maintaining consistency – Bradford City vs Exeter City – League Two Preview 2008/2009

In which Michael assesses the way football uses the word "consistent" to mean "outstanding on a regular basis".

The rest of League Two – Preseason 2008/2009 [II]
New season, new excitement – Pre-season 2008/2009 [III]