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Issue #144 Michael Wood on Interview / Empty

The interviews have begun for the role of Bradford City manager and there are many very good reason to not know anything about the process of appointment.

Issue #89 Michael Wood on When Sepp Blatter goes, Gianni Paladini does not arrive and Manchester United go somewhere

Sepp Blatter has left his post ass the Head of FIFA as Bradford City announced that - for the moment - they will not be purchased by a new owner but how much do can supporters benefit from these changes (or lack of them) and who will be selecting Blatter's replacement?

Issue #82 Michael Wood on Buying Bradford City and worrying

Gianni Paladini's agreement to put in an offer for Bradford City expires soon. The club's fans are worried that should the Italian complete a deal then The Bantams will be be damaged by an incoming boardroom which acts against the best interests of the community. These worries though are framed in a way which suggests that the current board do not behave in a way which is against the best interests of the community which may not accurate. The recent history of the club suggest that Bradford City community should always be concerned by what the owners of the clubs do and how it is in their best interest, and not the club's.

Three wheels: Steve Parkin, Julian Rhodes, and Mark Lawn
Lawn and Rhodes earn the right to repeat in optimism
Peter Jackson confirmed at City manager
Mark Lawn asks us to believe the gloomy picture he presents
Taylor walks away carrying all the cans
The managerial failure cycle – bad choices or bad strategy?
Mark Lawn and stopping thinking about promotion
The season ticket struggle
Blackpool near the right way of doing the Premier League
The gradient becomes steeper
Another season of despair
Pre-season in prison for Jake Speight
Jim Jefferies and a cyclic revisionism
A decade of decline, misery and still existing
Nil-nil, Everton, plus ten
City pay the rent to Gibb who refuses to sell

In which Michael asks how having bought the club, sold its biggest asset to himself, and left to charge a huge rent Gordon Gibb is not ranked alongside other football villains?

The Most Important Man
Bradford City 1 Lincoln City 1 At Valley Parade in League Two, 2008/2009

In which Michael watches City draw 1-1 with Lincoln City and wonders who the most significant people in Valley Parade are.

That Neville Southall feeling

In which Michael remembers the Sunday afternoon which saw the unfair end of a legend of goalkeeping as City look for a new stopper in preparation for Saturday's game with Barnet following John McLaughlin's injury.

10 Years of BfB

In which Michael looks back at the decade that BfB has been being published.

O’Grady in the holding pattern of City history

In which Michael recalls loan striker Kevin Wilson as City sign Oldham's Chris O'Grady.

Rhodes applies some pressure with a lofty promotions demand
The tiresome sound of a stick in a bucket
New Investor Mark Lawn Arrives At Bradford City To Take Joint Chairmanship
Hutchings Horror Wasted The Best Team In City’s History
The Premiership Needs To Employ Richmondesque Thinking Over The Webster Ruling For The Good Of Us All
In Consideration of Stuart McCall
League Two is a Series of Bad Decisions
Chesterfield 3 Bradford City 0 At Saltergate in League One, 2006/2007

In which Michael watches City get totally bested and charts the decline of the club from the top division to the bottom in an horrifically short period of time.

Rhodes: I Did What I Had To To Keep The Club Going

In which Michael talks about the things we do not want to know about finance in football.

The Law debate and polishing the brass on the Titanic