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Kevin Keegan

Another search for a manager begins
Welcome to the tactical sophistication
Would Taylor go into the three lions den?
McCall making the gamble
Barnsley beat City 2-0 in pre-season showing the sum of the things we already knew
Bradford City 0 Barnsley 2 At Valley Parade in Friendly, 2009/2010

In which Michael watches City learn a lesson we already knew and come to a conclusion we are already aware of.

Responsibility for the poor performance ends with the players

In which Michael looks at the players who failed to take responsibility for their performances as being the cause of the 4-1 defeat at Barnet.

Stuart McCall and Plan Nine from Outer Space

In which Michael talks about the over use of two football phrases to the point where they are meaningless.

Winning at dominoes
Bradford City 1 AFC Bournemouth 3 At Valley Parade in League Two, 2008/2009

In which Michael talks about how every game needs to be won.

The dream you’d no longer want to live

In which Jason looks at the future of football in the world of billionaires and City's place within that world.

Andorra could beat England – The secret they do not want you to know

In which Michael talks about the levels of competition in the significant football competitions.