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Issue #142 Michael Wood on Untruth / Misinformation

In the past week Bradford City and Bolton Wanderers fans were lied to to such an extent that one stopped noticing it, and stopped finding it insulting and unnecessary. What would happen if a club decided to stop lying to fans?

Issue #81 Michael Wood on The end of a season which asked more questions than it answered
Bradford City 1 Barnsley 0 At Valley Parade in League One, 2014/2015

Beating Barnsley on the last home game of the season seemed to start a summer were rumours of takeovers of the club by the mega-wealthy could materialise into a new Bradford City next season raising questions about why people would want to invest in the club and what they would get for their money.

Issue #74 Michael Wood on How Bradford City lost the first game of the Qatar World Cup

FIFA moved the Qatar World Cup from the Summer to the Winter because the teams would not be able to play good football matches in the hot weather. The FA positioning Bradford City's FA Cup tie as the third away game in six days meant that City ended up being as incapable of playing as a team in the Summer of Qatar playing against a team in the Winter would be.

Issue #71 Michael Wood on When the immoveable object met the immoveable object and Bradford City and Reading agreed to a replay in the FA Cup sixth round
Bradford City 0 Reading 0 At Valley Parade in FA Cup Sixth Round, 2014/2015

Bradford City and Reading shared a tussle in the mud of Valley Parade in the FA Cup sixth round and while both side will be happy to go into the hat for an FA Cup semi-final draw the next nine days until the reply cannot pass quickly enough.

Issue #69 Michael Wood on Bradford City and Peterborough United ab ovo
Peterborough United 2 Bradford City 0 At London Road in League One, 2014/2015

Bradford City and Peterborough United trundled through a game which saw City keeping powder dry for next Saturday and The Posh auditioning a new manager in Dave Robertson.

Issue #67 Michael Wood on Reading, writing and arithmetic

Bradford City will not be on the BBC in the sixth round of the FA Cup and there will be acres of coverage accusing the Corporation of snubbing the club from a group biased newspapers who are using us, as Bradford City fans, in a campaign against the BBC.

Issue #55 Michael Wood on How the Reading job showed City’s Parkinson problem

Bradford City have built the club around what Phil Parkinson wanted and because of that there is a problem that should the manager leave then City would be left with very little footballing expertise.

BfB watches the play off finals: Part three, Reading v Swansea
Reading 2 Swansea City 4 At Wembley Stadium in The Championship Play Off Final, 2010/2011
Didn’t you used to be Rafa Benitez?