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Issue #173 Michael Wood on VAR / Referee / Solution

As the reasons for the decisions Referees make, or do not make, are not public the qualities that good Referees share are not common, well know, or obvious. Making Referee's Reports public and more verbose would go some way to solving this problem.

Issue #154 Michael Wood on Respect / Response

The Football League has some new guidelines for Referees to stop an imagined rising tide of "intolerable behaviour" by players which undermines their quest for respect by treating footballers like children.

Issue #58 Michael Wood on On how the sending off of goalkeepers is a punishment without proportion

When a goalkeeper is sent off for denying a goal or goal scoring opportunity the laws of football punish the team beyond any other offence. When this happened on Saturday Phil Parkinson would have been best advised to put an outfield player in goal for the penalty.

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