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Issue #149 Michael Wood on Transfer / Improvement

In the weeks of the most change there has been little change in Bradford City's squad with no transfers in June (to date) but this, more than anything, should give one heart that Stuart McCall is not repeating the mistake that he made in his first spell as City manager and that Roy Hodgson made as England manager.

Issue #146 Michael Wood on Timing / Signing

There are worries that Bradford City - new chairman, new manager, new era and all - are missing out on the prime signings in June. The statistics suggest that not only is this true, but that even with a new manager in place today those signings would have not been possible.

Issue #141 Michael Wood on Gone / Parkinson

Phil Parkinson leaves Bradford City for Bolton Wanderers leaving a lasting legacy of a team with iron will and a symbiosis between supporters and players that is rare.

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