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Issue #74 Michael Wood on How Bradford City lost the first game of the Qatar World Cup

FIFA moved the Qatar World Cup from the Summer to the Winter because the teams would not be able to play good football matches in the hot weather. The FA positioning Bradford City's FA Cup tie as the third away game in six days meant that City ended up being as incapable of playing as a team in the Summer of Qatar playing against a team in the Winter would be.

Issue #11 Michael Wood on I want you to hit me as hard as you can
Would Taylor go into the three lions den?
One plus one equals, erm, one?
Weekend preview part two – I believe that Northampton vs Southampton is a local derby

In which Michael talks about Badgers, Owls, Referees, Jim Gannon, Michael Boulding and how he used to believe that Saturday's opposition Northampton played local derbies with Southampton.

Respect – The new way of Refereeing