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Issue #146 Michael Wood on Timing / Signing

There are worries that Bradford City - new chairman, new manager, new era and all - are missing out on the prime signings in June. The statistics suggest that not only is this true, but that even with a new manager in place today those signings would have not been possible.

Issue #92 Michael Wood on Applying Game Theory to transfers and why it is best to wait before signing

When we apply Game Theory to transfer deal we note that signing players early in the close season forces teams into making bad deals while waiting and signing players later allows for more good deals which are better deals to be made.

Issue #9 Michael Wood on On the value of footballers
One signs, one joins as Hanson gets new deal and Speight arrives
The raw deal at Nethermoor, but better than no deal at all
City and Guiseley muddle over the value of Hanson
Barry Conlon – What every League Two club wants for Christmas

In which Michael worries that should some League Two club take a shine to City's number nine then the Bantams might be left looking for target man who does not mind being on the bench just as Barry Conlon is now.

Brilliant McCall bounces City into the season to savour
The Boulding brothers settle for Valley Parade
How much would you pay to make the difference?