Norman Corner 1943 – 2011

Here at BfB we are too young to remember watching Norman Corner who died today aged 68 but we heard the legends.

On coach trips away we would hear the stories of Corner’s blustering style passed on from the older lads and – as young men have a want to do – listen with only one ear in the same way that when we tell young lads today about Peter Beagrie, Stuart McCall and Edinho they listen, but not as intently as we would like.

Corner – of whom the bit between the Kop stand and the Main stand is lovingly named – played for City in the early 1970s and was known for his whole hearted style playing 125 times and scoring 23 goals.

In his passing one generation of supporters will morn their heroic figure, and all should share that knowing that such fate awaits all our heroes, and ourselves.

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