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Dealing with the modern rumour
Would Taylor go into the three lions den?
Where the blame lies as City supporters are warned about flying footballs and Arsenal fans throw objects at their former player

In which Jason wonders how much the behaviour of some football supporters might ruin the experience for the rest.

England is mine, excitement my riposte

In which Michael talks about England and how we look at the national team through a prism of media reports.

Andorra could beat England – The secret they do not want you to know

In which Michael talks about the levels of competition in the significant football competitions.

Square pegs, round holes

In which Richard looks at England and the right midfield problem and City's issues with Omar Daley and Joe Colbeck.

Usain Bolt, Omar Daley, Fabio Capello and Bradford City

In which Michael considers the expectations placed on sprinters and football teams in the light of last night's England display and Usain Bolt's 200m gold.