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Official Message Board

What to do about the Bradford City Official Message Board?
As Taylor fumes about the OMB will Lawn and Rhodes take action?
Football viewed from afar
Torquay United 2 Bradford City 0 At Plainmoor in League Two, 2010/2011
Another day, another message board discussion
Counting to ten…

In which Jason rails back at the blame culture that dominates City discussions in the week after any defeat, the damage it does to the club and the scatter shot nature of the criticism.

You can be free only if I am free

In which Paul looks at the rights and responsibilities of football clubs in the light of Bradford City closing down the official message board.

The clouds that form over us – Shrewsbury vs Bradford City – League Two Preview

In which Michael looks at the dark clouds at the top of the table as he previews the weekend game with Shrewsbury.

Good supporter/bad supporter debate part three

In which Jason looks at the continued friction between supporters of different sorts.

Believe your own eyes not a person on a message board

In which Roland gives his opinion on the opinion about Stuart McCall and Wayne Jacobs.