The Waiting Game

At the moment we are waiting for Stuart McCall and Wayne Jacobs to be shown off as the new boss and assistant at City but they are at Valley Parade doing the jobs.

The jobs they have are pretty big. City went down last year after a pretty good start and if you look at the tables before and after Christmas City are not just edging out of League One are are kicked out with force. We haven’t done the business much in the last six months and we haven’t done the business at home for years.

Although for a time last term Colin Todd had City making hay at Valley Parade. Crewe got murdered 4-0 with JJ and Lee Holmes ripping in down the flanks. It seems that the best City teams have the two wingers in them. JJ and Holmes were like Peter Beagrie and Jamie Lawrence with one going at you and one getting the crosses in. I’ve heard people say that Holmes going back to Derby injured was the start of the reasons City got relegated and it does seem like it is the end of Dean Windass’s goal scoring at VP.

Omar Daley could be McCall’s new JJ just as he promised to be Todd’s but bet your bottom dollar that the new City boss is looking for a left winger to put in that play-making performance Beagers used to give. If he manages like he plays then McCall will want some tacklers in the midfield like Craig Bentham and he will want a ginge with fire in his belly like Joe Colbeck and he will want a good passer who can find a man like Gareth Whalley could that who he can have his McCall style player shove the ball leaving the play-making to the left wing.

But then again what is the point of having a good crosser of a ball when you do not have a striker to nod it home? The more you look at McCall’s team the more you think that he has got himself a jigsaw with about five bits missing. Sure the goalkeeper and the central defenders are in place but loads of other things are just waiting to be done.

The really important thing is that someone with some cash comes in and gets us some more pieces.