The slow incantations

Sometimes we are all twelve.

We are caught frozen in a moment drawing the names of eleven men over ten minutes when nine o’clock seems too long ago and you pass the time before your eighth trip to the bathroom of the work day trying to work out who will be City’s number seven next season.

something for days in Mr Fraine’s Spanish class and no pursuit for grown men but one that is hard to avoid. Football has long since moved away from being a Winter sport but every other Summer lacks the distraction of a World Cup or European affair leaving those months as official mulling it over time.

We have much to mull. Last season’s collapse for one, what Rochdale think of us for another (No comment).

More so we chomp at the bit putting in names like Ramsden and taking out Lee. Omar Daley, not fit until Christmas, and how to replace him without Joe Colbeck fills my mind.

Moreover is the hope that by keeping Stuart McCall we will see a gradual improvement in the squad. The pleas for McCall to stay were based on the idea that by working with the players a communal improvement will be evidenced but looking at the names scribbled here I worry about Lee Bullock and who will play alongside him. I have a question mark in goal.

Saturday and Burnley – a curious game in last pre-season – give a beginning of the answers to these questions but as football spans twelve months not nine it is spread thinner and revelations of the type that one hopes for when writing incantations of positions on a Summer afternoon come slowly.