Disrespectful idiots have no place at our Football Club

It started off as a day of remembrance.

At 7am – with many other City supporters – I was ever the eager fan who logged on to the Bradford City website to look at the new home strip for next season, a season which brings such promise.

Under the guidance of Peter Taylor, I’m sure that he will bring in more players of the good calibre over the summer and something to build on his already amazing start.

Later in the day watching the reflections on the twenty five year anniversary of the fire of 1985 on Football Focus I was reduced to tears, in remembering those hallowed days of 1985, with pictures I thought I would never ever see again.

The whole sombre mood was put across so eloquently by the BBC.

At the ground the brass band in the middle of the pitch, You’ll Never Walk Alone before kick off and a minutes silence set a mood. We won, 2-0, and the goals were exceptional.

However there were bad things to come and the whole mood was spoilt.

The highlight of this day would be to see the team do their lap of honour at the end of the game. Honour, such a fitting word for such a fitting day.

Come the final whistle, mindless idiots stormed the pitch from the Bradford City stands and ran to the visiting Northampton supporters, shaking their fists at them, taunting them.

Little kids and grown men alike, all stood on our hallowed turf shaking their fists at people, showing total disrespect to the 56 that died twenty five years ago.

They aren’t fans, they are disrespectful brainless idiots and have no place at our Football Club.