The summer months, and the worries of the summer months

With League Two status in the bag – it would take Barnet being Barca to get the points to overtake City – thoughts start to turn to the summer for Bradford City and while the sun shines bright the thoughts are dark.

Dark clouds on the horizon with the discussions between Bradford City and the two landlords seemingly not having taken the form of discussions at all. Mark Lawn has complained that neither landlord has welcomed his invitation for talks about the rent but both landlords are quick to point out that those invitations were slight. There is an increasing worry that Lawn has decided to conduct this business in public and a worry that neither landlord would be especially pleased with that.

Lawn’s comment to the BBC – that City would gut Valley Parade if they had to give it back to Gibb – is upsetting. Valley Parade has been Bradford City’s home and a happy place for many City fans (and a tragic for others, but one which has massive significance) and to hear our chairman talk about ripping the fittings out is seems to add to the idea that we are going to end up at Odsal stadium.

Lawn might consider his talk to be part of a business discussion but to City fans the idea that not only will we end up homeless – but that we will dismember that home before we go – makes one worry about the future. There is a school of thought that praised Gordon Gibb (which I do not subscribe to) but I’m not keen to praise the idea that the club will take the fittings out of its nose when spiting its face.

One also had to wonder what the cost of removing everything from Valley Parade would be compared to the bill that Gibb would no doubt issue for storage.

Dark times for the manager of the club too perhaps although who that manager will be is a question. There is a strong indication that the club are looking to announce the manager before the end of the season with one train of thought saying that a new gaffer will be installed by Monday’s home game. Peter Jackson seems to have lost his chance after recent performances. There are dark times for us all when managers are picked on form.

Dark murmurs coming from the dressing rooms too about the comings and goings of players. Lewis Hunt has “won” his battle to have the contract he signed honoured but in doing so – in having to battle with the club – there seems to have been a cost on the spirit in the club. Hunt’s return saw him put in a good performance on Tuesday night as did – in my humble opinion – Luke Oliver.

The former Wycombe Wanderers (and very Peter Taylor) pair seem to be given a level of criticism which is not in comparative keeping with their performances. They seem forever linked to the previous regime and like revolutionaries in Guangxi there is a desire to purge the club of anything seen as part of the old culture.

Tommy Doherty perhaps being prime in that. Doherty is – it is said – fit to play but not being selected. Taylor’s headline signing seems almost certain to be exiting in four games time. Another to add to the list that people would title “Players that never gave their best” but that should read “Players we failed to get the best out of.”

Dark days for Simon Ramsden who has broken down in training and will not play again this season. Hunt’s twenty games are largely down to Ramsden’s injuries. Oliver and Steve Williams are expected to be alongside Hunt with Robbie Threlfall at left back trying to recapture the form that this time last season seemed to make him essential.

The midfield may see Dominic Rowe given a chance on the right hand side over Gareth Evans who seems to be losing interest in being a professional footballer for Bradford City (one wonders if he has something else lined up) while David Syers tries to get games under his belt in central midfield to prove he is able to play that position. Jon Worthington will benefit from being more employed by the home side than he was by the deep sitting Burton players.

Omar Daley is one the left wing while Jake Speight might get the nod to play alongside and James Hanson seeing Michael Flynn drop to the bench.

All these things are temporary though, but the dark clouds seem to have a worrying habit of staying around.