How City Fans Get The Last Word, Not The Last Laugh

Do not feel the need to got to The footage of the Bradford fire is not there any more – or at least I’m told and so with it go the lies about City fans watching the game and the pictures of 54 Bradford City fans and 2 Lincoln supporters dying.

Do not go to the site and leave these sick bastards to show videos of footballer’s breaking their necks, of trains crashing, of suicides, of executions, of children being sexually exploited, of guys on the 115th floor of the World Trade Centre.

If they re-post the video – or if it is still there now – then it is probably not worth trying to reason with the people who find some kind of humour in the parade of videos on show. We live in a world – and I’m a liberal sort of guy – where morality is relative but I’m perfectly happy to call this sort of entertainment for people who need mental help.

It is probably not worth trying to get this sort of video removed. YouTube constantly show the footage and someone connected to Yorkshire Television or the Fire Services who used it as training footage but allowed it to escape should take a look at themselves but this constant process of discovery and – one assumes – emotional negotiation to have the footage removed from whichever service or server has it on is becoming far too frequent.

It is never short of amazing the difference between the treatment of the Hillsborough disaster and Liverpool supporters and Bradford City fans and 11th of May, 1985. The combined weight of that club descending is enough of a threat to prevent even the mention of the 95 who died that day yet our tragedy is traded and – by some – enjoyed.

If someone believes that watching 56 people die in a horrible way is amusing, if they want to believe the lies that often accompany it then they can believe that. The people of Bradford – us – should act today as we did on that day and every day since.

Let them amuse themselves as they like, the sick bastards, we will never let them shake the refined dignity that marks Bradford City’s commemorations.

That is the last word.