I’ll Never See You Later Deano

So Dean Windass has left City and I get the feeling I’m never going to see him play again cause while I think Stuart McCall will get City promoted this season I doubt that ‘ull will go down. Windass signed for Hull for £250,000 finally today.

Deano. I’m going to miss you.

I’m going to miss the enthusiasm that you played every game with. I know that sometime that went a bit over the top and other times it went silly crazy like the sending off against Bournemouth but most of the time Windass just did everything he could to make Bradford City win games.

And everything he could meant he dropped into the midfield when City asked him to and one time he played in goal (At Southend) and when he was there he did everything he could to get City winning games. One Dean Windass was worth a million Bobby Pettas.

I’m going to miss Deano The Wind Up King. I’m going to miss him pulling faces to the crowd and I’m going to miss him getting under the skin of defenders that tried to bully him. I hope that Stuart McCall does not think that people like Michael Symes, Andy Cooke and the countless other players who got pocketed by the bully boy number fives of League One are going to do any better a division below.

Deano used to get under the skins of defenders and they couldn’t deal with him. John Finnigan and Ivar Ingermarson at Reading both punched him cause they found him annoying and he probably was but he was our annoying player and he gave us the advantage. Nice guys, Green Day tell us, Finish Last.

I’m going to miss that knack he had for being where the ball was going to be. I’m sure it is not as easy as all that but he made it seem easy dropping off to where some defender was going to clear it or picking it up from a free kick and hitting it so just right that David Seaman couldn’t stop it. I’m going to miss that.

I’m even going to miss him shouting at referees cause God knows I shout at them often enough and I always think that if I was in that number ten shirt I’d be doing the same when I saw some rubbish decision by some idiot official.

That is why I’ll miss Deano. Cause he played football how I’d like to play football when he showed the passion and the grit and at other times like when he got hat-tricks in the Premiership or bent in goals from nothing he played football like I dreamed of.