You might have noticed…

You may have noticed that BfB has been having a few problems in the last three weeks after our (now former) host decided that they would move the site from one server where it worked correctly to another where – well – it didn’t so BfB went funny, Everythingball died and may never live again and had a funny turn but is now fighting fit.

The problems were solved by moving to a new host server and a new company who will no doubt be really, really good until they stop being good for no reason in eighteen months.

Colbeck thinking over contract offer

Having seen most of the City squad sign up Stuart McCall waits on Joe Colbeck – who is in negotiations with the club but has yet to put pen to paper on the deal offered – to finalise the end of business at the close of last season.

Once Colbeck has – or has not – signed McCall will look to adding the oft quoted “two or three” to the squad. Colbeck’s form – or lack of it – last season coupled with Omar Daley’s injury cost City dear towards the end of last year.

For Colbeck’s part one can see why he might be reluctant to sign a new deal. A section of the Valley Parade crowd seems set on an agenda against the winger in stark contrast to Darlington’s fans – home of Dean Windass and Colin Todd – who enjoyed his loan spell and would take him back with open arms.