Football League insults us and robs us blind

Football League Chairman Lord Mawhinney is warning football clubs to be careful with money and the patronising sod is saying…

People’s disposable income, what they’ve got to spend on other things once they deal with these fundamentals, is likely to decrease this year.

Once you have recovered from being told you have to pay your mortgage before you go to the football think about this. This weekend Rochdale are paying £20 to get ito Valley Parade and in a couple of weeks we will be paying £15 to get into Elland Road for what could well be a reserve game.

Lord Above-Us-All continues…

I have been a member of parliament for 26 years, and I understand the pressures on the budgets of ordinary people up and down the country.

Ordinary being the scum like us who follow teams up and down the country watching football. He understands the pressures on our budgets and knows that clubs might have to be careful cause fewer of us will be able to go pay the thick end of £20 plus travel, beers, programs and so on.

The Lord of Football tells us

My advice to our own clubs is that you should review your budgets, make sure they are as tight as possible and make sure you administer them as tightly as possible.

Yes. The man who runs the league that City are in is telling clubs to be careful with budgets cause they will not be able to rip people off as much which is what travelling to football is. A rip off. You pay more money to sit in worse seats to watch the same game as the people opposite you. That is an obvious rip off but we have no choice just like we had no choice about paying to get into our home ground before City changed things.

So why doesn’t Mawhinney do something impressive like recommend that if clubs are suffering they start trying to get more fans in rather than warning them that they can’t rip the other ones off as much? Why doesn’t he tell them all to follow City’s example?

And for that matter why don’t City do something about charging £20 to away fans which is stupidly high. We have the space for them. Why don’t we try charge them £10 and see if more come and hope they make more noise that could get City fans making more noise back?

But no. Mawhinny insults us and then tells clubs to be careful cause they can’t rob us as much as they used to. It is times like this that I’m pretty proud to be a City fan with our pricing and pretty ashamed of the people who run the game.