McCammon to sign, Moore upset

Gillingham striker Mark McCammon is set to join City causing the ire of Ronnie Moore as the 31 year old turned down the chance to join Rotherham.

“We had a call late on from the agent saying he’d had a change of mind and he’s going to go to Bradford. It’s disappointing for us.” fumed Ronnie “Maybe it is the Ground. Is there some other reason why he’s not come?”

Having seen Craig Disley of Shrewsbury get a bad injury by sliding on the Don Valley Stadium pitch Moore could be correct, but probably not in the way he means.

McCammon played in the 2004 FA Cup final for Millwall in his career that has taken him to nine clubs previously. He has a physical style having once caused fury for City fans when as a Doncaster Rovers player he has lucky not to be sent off for leading with his arms for most of the game.