The Name

So why are we called The Boy From Brazil & Other Stories? Well probably because I did not spend enough time thinking of a name. Back in 1998 City had a habit of nicknaming all the players – The Boy From Brazil, The Dark Destroyer, The Man The Ladies Love – which is where the name comes from in essence. The idea that every player has a story.

I like that idea. Players are unique and what we see as football fans is only a part of their stories. We saw two and a bit years of Edinho’s life which was a chapter of the story of his life. The ten years or so BfB has been about and the twenty or more of City Gent are but chapters in the larger stories of the club, of football and of the City of Bradford.

I wanted then and still want the articles on BfB to tell a story – minute by minute match reports have never been our thing – and to draw on the heroes and villains the triumphs and falls that are part and parcel of every 90 minutes.

“The Boy From Brazil was one story. Here are some others…” I wanted it to say.

Besides what else would one call it? Bradford City Web? BantamsWeb? ValleyParadeNewsDotCom? None of them inspire me and all are routed in the insular atmosphere that football was moving away from at the time and continues to be apart from.

We have the name and we have, after a while, me have made it our own.