The real reason why Paul Jewell left Bradford City

This is a list of all the rumours why Paul Jewell (PJ) left Bradford City. Some may be true, most are probably not and there is a chance that they are all totally false. However they have all been rumoured and in all probability the real reason why Paul Jewell left Bradford City is on this list.

  1. PJ did not want to enter the Intertoto cup.
  2. PJ was sick of Geoffrey Richmond interfering.
  3. PJ faced a players revolt after upsetting Robbie Blake, Lee Mills etc.
  4. PJ tried to sign Jordi Cruyff and Jonathan Greening from Manchester United but neither would come leading PJ to conclude that Bradford City could not draw quality players and Sheffield Wednesday could.
  5. PJ had been seething since the “You Don’t Know What Your Doing” chants at Sheffield Wednesday and would have quit then but held out of he could keep the team up and leave, stick two fingers up at the fans in the process.
  6. PJ was offered loads of cash by Sheffield Wednesday after the end of the season and went despite the fact that if City could have matched it he would have stayed.
  7. PJ was offered loads of cash by Sheffield Wednesday during last season, hence bringing off McCall at Sheffield last season.
  8. PJ wanted to further annoy Lee Mills by taking over the club he supports, ensuring that Mills would never play for them.
  9. PJ is nuts/crackers/a barmpot/touched/a tosser/a fool/a money grabbing sod/misguided.
  10. PJ really thought that he had taken City as far as he could and that for the club to progress a more tactically astute manager must come in. PJ feels his strengths are in getting clubs promoted ala Dave Bassett.
  11. PJ felt that the promoted clubs (Man City, Ipswich and Charlton) would make the Premiership too hard and was worried what a season in which the club got relegated would do to his job prospects, hence he cashes in now.
  12. Geoffrey Richmond engineered a way to get rid of PJ so he could recruit the cheaper Chris Hutchings.
  13. PJ took a list of players to Geoffrey Richmond which was rejected, this being the last straw for the manager.
  14. Geoffrey Richmond took a list of players to PJ which was rejected, this being the last straw for the manager.
  15. Geoffrey Richmond did not like the way that PJ was becoming more popular than him so he engineered a way to get rid of the manager.
  16. PJ and the leggy blonde woman seen walking in front of the Kop before the Barnsley friendly in 1999 were having it away. Mrs PJ found out and told him to leave City or she would take off with the kids.
  17. Lee Mills/Lee Sharpe had had his way with Mrs PJ and PJ wanted to sack him but Geoffrey Richmond refused so PJ walked.
  18. PJ and Mrs Mills were having a fling, hence Lee’s being sent away to Man City and David Wetherall’s spell at target man. Geoffrey Richmond found out and told PJ to go.

What’s the point of this list? The point is that while there is such secrecy surrounding the reasons PJ left there will always be rumours and innuendo. Both BCFC and PJ have singed a clause saying that they will not reveal the reason why he left so misinformation continues.