The 1999-2000 season players of the season
  1. Dean Windass
  2. David Wetherall
  3. Stuart McCall
  4. Andrew O’Brien
  5. Wayne Jacobs
Finest victories
  1. Bradford City 1 Liverpool 0
  2. When Good Times Go Bad 3 Bradford City (fans) 4
  3. Bradford City 3 Leicester City 1
  4. Middlesbrough 0 Bradford City 1
  5. Bradford City 2 Arsenal 1
Worst moments
  1. The return of Neville Southall vs Leeds.
  2. Throwing in the towel at Coventry.
  3. Southampton away, the South Coast in January experience.
  4. Southampton at home, the whole deflected goal experience.
  5. Watford away. Nationwide game, Nationwide result.
Best goals
  1. Peter Beagrie’s screamer against Leeds
  2. Jamie Lawrence’s jinking run and cool finish at Spurs
  3. Dean Windass’ long range volley against Derby
  4. Dean Saunders last minute bullet against Middlesbrough
  5. Dean Windass’ cheeky Seaman beating free kick against Arsenal
Five biggest disappointments
  1. Jorge Cadete
  2. The total lack of any respect for our achievements in the media
  3. Bruno Rodriguez
  4. Gillingham 3 Bradford City 1
  5. Robbie Blake
Five things not missed in 1999-2000
  1. Darren Moore
  2. Huddersfield Town
  3. Staying up on Monday nights for Nationwide League Extra
  4. Trips to Crewe
  5. Winning every week against crap teams (Surprisingly)
Five moments when we thought we were down
  1. Trooping out of Everton after being hammered 4-0
  2. After 8 minutes of the Derby game when we were two down.
  3. After Wimbledon’s last minute equaliser on the penultimate day of the season after we had been beaten 3-0 by Leicester.
  4. When Derby got the last of three penalties in the 4-4 draw at VP that would have made it 5-4 had Clarke not saved.
  5. When Southampton scored the luckiest 2-1 win the history of football at VP.
Five moments when we thought we might, just might, stay up
  1. Two minutes into injury time against Liverpool on the last day of the season.
  2. When Dean Saunders scored on the first day of the season to give us a first win at the first attempt.
  3. When after beating Arsenal and Watford we were coasting 4-2 against West Ham.
  4. When we unveiled £3.2m signing dubbed “the French Alan Shearer”: Bruno Rodriguez.
  5. After duffing Wimbledon 3-0 at VP.
Five mistakes and what we should learn from them
  1. Matt Clarke can not be trusted to make his way around the house. Buy the man a Stanner Stairlift
  2. Overseas footballers who claim to be good are bobbins. Conversely those who claim to be “Alright” as Gunnar Halle does are decent.
  3. Man United always win 4-0 no matter how hard you try against them Don’t try in future.
  4. Pundits will always hate Bradford when we have a poor press area. Build a new one but make sure Rodney Marsh is not allowed in it and must cover games from a bucket of piss that he is required to stand in.
  5. We should never have sacked Chris Kamara as (so CK says) Paul Jewell is finishing the job he started. Reappoint him forthwith.
Magic moments. Five things about 99-2k we will remember forever
  1. Last day of the season, 92 minutes gone, some of the crowd were on the pitch…
  2. Losing a 4-2 lead at West Ham to a guy who had demanded to be subbed.
  3. Coming out of Boro on the opening day. “Premiership? Piece of piss”.
  4. Traveling not even in hope to Sunderland and coming back with all three points and a Premiership life line.
  5. The whole Coventry away experience, even though we might very much like to forget it.