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Issue #147 Michael Wood on Incommensurable / McCall

Stuart McCall is back as manager of Bradford City with things he needs to have learnt since his last time in charge at Valley Parade such as the need for a stronger character in his team, the need for a stable environment and the capacity to corral the club in a single direction.

Issue #142 Michael Wood on Selection / Manager

As Phil Parkinson departs Bradford City there is a consideration for what aspects of the former manager's approach one would like to see reproduced in the next manager.

Issue #91 Michael Wood on Bradford City vs Manchester United vs Rangers vs Everton in the Summer of 2012 Four Team Tournament that never happened

There was to be a Summer Four Team Football Tournament at Valley Parade in Bradford in 2012 involving the hosts Bradford City, Manchester United, Glasgow Rangers and Everton. The teams would play two days of football and while that was happening Bradford City we build relationships with people at those clubs and beyond in the wider football world to announce that the club was a respectable member of the football community once more. It never happened of course, but this is the story of how it could have and about how a club started acting in a strange way with the hope coming over as not at all strange to the rest of football.

Issue #3 Michael Wood on This briefing against people who leave City has to stop
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