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An ugly victory as Hereford United fans get the wrong kind of Bradford welcome
The chase continues as City welcome Hereford to Valley Parade
League Two preview – what’s the right way to get promoted?

In which Jason looks ahead to another season of League Two and ponders what will behind the success of the ultimate victors.

The rest of League Two – Preseason 2008/2009 [II]
The Resolution
Bradford City 1 Hereford United 3 At Valley Parade in League Two, 2007/2008

In which Michael is utterly convinced that the Referee fixed the game to allow the visitors to win and questions why we consider concepts like these - in the light of Juventus's relegation - to be unthinkable.

The Cost of Doing Bad Business
Hereford United 4 Bradford City 2 At Edgar Street in League Two, 2007/2008

In which Roland watches City give away a win by shipping three soft goals in the 4-2 defeat to Hereford.